Create, Edit & Convert PDF Files with PDF Converter Elite

PDF is one of the most popular file format worldwide but it is also one of the toughest managing file format. As we all know creating a PDF file is much easier than editing a PDF file. Converting a PDF file to any other format is also a difficult task. To perform all of these tasks, we need some special PDF software. There are lots of PDF software available in the market now which are not bad for casual use. But if you want to work on PDF files at a professional level then, you need something better.

PDF CONVERTER Elite Interface

PDF CONVERTER Elite is a business level PDF software which let you perform every possible task you want on a PDF file. You can create, edit or change the file format of a PDF file with the help of the PDF CONVERTER Elite. You can also perform various other tasks like setting passwords, encrypting the PDF file etc. The detailed information about the features of PDF CONVERTER Elite is given below.

Create PDF

You can create PDF file from 300+ Microsoft Windows applications or file types. PDF Converter Elite creates the files which are 100% compatible with Adobe and other popular PDF reader applications.

You can create a PDF file directly from any popular file formats like PowerPoint, Word, Excel etc. with the help of the PDF CONVERTER Elite. There are three different methods to create PDF files using the PDF CONVERTER Elite - from the PDF CONVERTER Elite interface, Print menu and MS Office.

The activity bar of the PDF CONVERTER Elite is shown in the image above. As you can see in it, you can also add a watermark text or image watermark using the PDF CONVERTER Elite.

Edit PDF

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The All-New, More Powerful PDFConverter Elite is here!

PDF converter elite 3Today, is pleased to introduce the all-new, redesigned and much improved PDF Converter Elite 3, with a slew of new features and enhancements.

In line with our mission to offer powerful and simple-to-use PDF management solution for all your business  and personal needs, we have completely rebuilt and extended PDFConverter Elite’s capabilities. Here is a quick glimpse into the brand new PCE 3:

Newly designed, more user-friendly interface

PCE 3 boasts a dynamic sidebar which gives its users immediate access to all available conversion options.  Create, convert or modify your PDFs with one click. PCE 3 has a totally new look and feel – it saves you time and makes interaction with the software more intuitive.

Better, faster and more accurate conversions

The quality of the conversion output is much improved thanks to a rebuilt conversion algorithm.

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Convert PDF to Docx Free

The Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 suites are widely accepted as industry standards and used all over the world, especially by business and professional document creators. MS Word 2007 and 2010 have both become the standard for text processing applications. The default file format for Word 2007 and 2010 is docx. So, whenever you want to create or edit a native, full-featured Word 2010 document, you need to deal with a docx file.

It is also a well-known fact that when we want to send or save business or personal documents, we usually convert them to the PDF format, because of the obvious benefits of PDF.

But many times we need to modify saved or received PDF files. To do that, we need to convert it into an editable Word format, preferably docx. The best way to convert PDF files to the docx format is by using a professional PDF Converter, like Adobe Acrobat or PDFConverter Elite. Most business users who create and convert PDF documents on a regular basis usually opt for a powerful and fast PDF Converter software. However, they are pricey and if you are just a student or need conversion service once in a blue moon, you may prefer a free PDF converter.

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