Create, convert and edit PDF files with PDF Converter Elite 3

Few days back we reviewed a free online website that allows you to convert PDF files to Word. Yet another website that offers you similar features is PDF Converter goes one step beyond and even lets you create PDF files.

If you are constantly creating and editing PDFs, especially if you are a business user, then investing in a good PDF software is always a good idea. PDF Converter gives you one such powerful software.

PDF Converter Elite 3

PDF Converter Elite (PCE 3) is a premium and powerful software for creating, editing and converting PDF documents to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, HTML and more.  It allows users to create PDF files  that are are 100% compatible and can easily be opened and viewed with popular PDF readers such as Adobe Reader, Sumatra or Slim PDF Reader.

Key Features:

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The All-New, More Powerful PDFConverter Elite is here!

PDF converter elite 3Today, is pleased to introduce the all-new, redesigned and much improved PDF Converter Elite 3, with a slew of new features and enhancements.

In line with our mission to offer powerful and simple-to-use PDF management solution for all your business  and personal needs, we have completely rebuilt and extended PDFConverter Elite’s capabilities. Here is a quick glimpse into the brand new PCE 3:

Newly designed, more user-friendly interface

PCE 3 boasts a dynamic sidebar which gives its users immediate access to all available conversion options.  Create, convert or modify your PDFs with one click. PCE 3 has a totally new look and feel – it saves you time and makes interaction with the software more intuitive.

Better, faster and more accurate conversions

The quality of the conversion output is much improved thanks to a rebuilt conversion algorithm.

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5 Free PDF to HTML Online Converters


PDF to HTML converter

Often webmasters and web developers are supplied with the information that is supposed to go on the website through either some type of Microsoft Office document or even in a PDF. Even though PDF is the most convenient format forsaving and sharing documents, as it is compatible with just about every computer and operating system, PDF files are not suitable for website building.

People who make websites usually work in HTML, which is the predominant markup language for web pages. Transferring information for a website from PDF to HTML can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you are dealing with a lot of information.

However, thanks to some great PDF to HTML online converters that are available on the Internet today, web designers no longer have to transfer information from the PDFs to HTML manually.

Here are five great, completely free online PDF to HTML converters to check out.

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