How to Quickly Make PDFs Online for Free

If you are at all familiar with different document formats, you know how convenient PDF files can be. When it comes to sending, sharing and archiving documents created in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, AutoCad, Open Office suite or any other program for creating and editing electronic documents, PDFs are in most cases better than the original files. They can easily be compressed, easily printed and once you open them, there’s no fear of deleting parts of text by mistake. Furthermore, PDF is a universal document format that will look exactly the same on any platform.

10 Tips & Tricks for Google Docs

This is a guest post by David Lazar from

More and more people are flocking to Google Docs for all of their office suite needs, and it’s really no surprise with the way the service continues to evolve.

Now is a better time than ever to hop aboard the Google Docs bandwagon and check out all of the great new features that are being offered completely free of charge.

Google Docs does not have the restraints that desktop office suites have, in the sense that they need to wait a couple of years to introduce new changes once a new version of the suite is fully created. Google Docs continues to be a work in progress that is constantly changing and adding new features that are turning heads and making a lot of people switch completely from their desktop office programs to Google Docs.

Here are some of the latest and most significant features that Google Docs has added in its quest to offer the ultimate evolving office suite for all your needs.

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